Witch #3


Book 3 has just been published on Amazon Kindle. I’m sorry for the long wait but life just got in the way this summer.

Here are the links:

US click here
UK click here

Take advantage of this special introductory price for all of you on my Readers’ List. It will be going up soon. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please, leave a review and let everybody know if you do!

8 thoughts on “Witch #3”

  1. Hi, Dani. I just stumbled across your work on Amazon, and was struck by how similar your covers are to those of Debora Geary (whose series came out years ago) as well as the subject matter… Not sure if that was intentional, but thought to mention it, as the similarities between the cover designs and story concepts could easily be construed as having been copied, which really is in poor form.

    1. Hi Meg. I know the covers are similar; other witch stories use silhouettes, though. I haven’t read the books by the author you mentioned. I’ve just checked the description and some of the reviews on Amazon and I don’t think the plot is similar. I see that author is a successful writer and no doubts her stories are good. Thanks for writing!

    1. Thank you Irene. A new book will be published within the month, but it’s part of a different series. The 4th book of A New Witch in Town will be probably released at the end of December/early 2016. Stay tuned! 🙂

  2. I just finished reading all 3 of your books. What a delightful experience! A lighthearted story with well developed characters and clean. I must say, your “spot a error” is a BRILLIANT idea. It must work well, because I didn’t spot a one. I will wait patiently for further books. You have an excellent series going, and I’m going to love following it.

    1. Dear Kati, you are very sweet! Thank you to let me know. Sometimes I’m afraid my stories aren’t good enough, but luckily there’s people like you who reminds me why I write <3

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