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Regardless of the 2 professionals who have checked the first book, I keep on receiving comments of errors and typos. I’m now hiring a new editor, but in the meantime, if you noted a typos, or a grammatical error, please, let me know!

Send me an email: dani.corlee @ gmail . com (without the spaces)

Or leave your comment here!

Thanks! 🙂

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  1. Hi Dani: Read your excerpt on ‘Wordy Wednesday’. Will your books be available in paperback format? Thanks Mary

    1. Hi Mary. Thank for asking. It will. I only need to understand how to format the file to create a printable book 🙂
      It was in my “To do before Christmas” list. I’ll try to do it as soon as possible!

  2. In location 165 and 177 you prefer to “doll”, I assume you mean dolly the witch that originally owned the house. I really have enjoyed reading the first 2 books, and am getting ready to start the 3rd. Keep up the good job, not everyone is a grammar nerd. I like the flow and style of your writing, it is not a technical manual so please, stop worrying about every jot and jiggle.

    1. Carolyn, that you, I feel so relieved! I love when you write “it is not a technical manual so please, stop worrying about every jot and jiggle.” I keep on studying creative writing but many a time I feel confused and all those techniques sometimes make my writing terribly slow… As for the “doll” problem, I’ll check it and let you know. Thanks! <3

  3. Golden Shade of Blue: location 965 of 1907, Chapter 6, Kindle. As Mabel is entering the mansion for the first time, you’ve transposed the name “Jennifer” instead.
    The email address listed on this page is invalid.
    I’ve enjoyed both books in this series.

    1. Jennifer? 😮 I don’t really know how it happened! Thank you for pointing it out and for being so precise with the location and chapter. It’s a great help! The email address is valid, but I inserted some spaces so that spam robots cannot steal it 🙂
      Thanks again, Laurie <3

    1. Thanks Sam! I’ll check immediately. Your post was hidden by many spam comments, I saw it only now 🙁 Sorry for my late answer!

    1. Of course 🙂 Don’t worry about the error. I know thee are errors in my books too 🙁 And no, unfortunately I’m not the same author of that series. I’ve been told she is a very successful writer!

  4. Hello Ms. Colder,
    I just spotted the first of you “A New Witch…” series, and noted the cover art. It appears to follow in the style of the “A Modern Witch” serie. Are you by chance the same author?
    Best regards,

  5. Just read the Sleuth book. I hope that your new editor will help with all the grammatical errors. The story line is interesting but you are rushing some scenes that could do with developing and explaining to help the story flow better and not be so disjointed. I have read a few of your books now and look forward to more from you.

  6. Hi, I have just read all three books in the series and can agree with many of the comments here.

    I found the books had a certain charm to them, which is the only reason I persevered. Initially, I didn’t realise that English wasn’t your mother tongue but now that I think back, it is pretty obvious.
    You say you hired someone to edit and effectively beta your stories but with the best will in the world, they failed.
    The stories held many grammatical errors, badly structured sentences and overly worked dialogue that felt at times clumsy.

    I honesty think though that had they done a better job, your stories would have flowed a lot better. The premise is very good and despite the issues, I enjoyed them.

    I hope your new editors can help you improve the next books – it`s good to continuously improve.

    Apologies if this critique seems harsh, it was not my intention. Good luck with your future books.

    1. Hi Shelley, your critique aren’t harsh. I know about the problem, but it seems I cannot find a way to solve it. I’m doing my best, though! Thanks for letting me know your thoughts and sorry for the late answer. I didn’t receive the usual message there was a new comment!

  7. Chapter 6 book 3 “watch every her movement” ?????? Many more errors like this…some not understandable at all. This makes for a very frustrating read. Sorry, but your editors may have slept thru 3 rd grade English class…or maybe still sleeping. Story line is good (characters still more development) but are hindered by poor editing.

    1. Connie, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry there are many errors. The books have been proofread, edited by a professional and checked by readers who sent me their corrections. I even hired a second editor. I don’t know what to do anymore! 🙁

      1. My dear, Ms. Corlee,in New Witch In Town you have a very original premise and have told a delightful story. It’s true that there are problems with the quality of the work, but also true that English grammar and syntax are difficult at best and totally arcane at worst. I truly believe you have talent. Based on my own experience my suggestion would be to do a lot of reading. May I suggest that you read Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings? Perhaps beginning with The Hobbit. Read The Hobbit over and over. The more you read good literature the more you will develop a ‘feel’ for how to handle language. This will help you avoid jarring the reader with awkward sentence structure and syntax.
        May God bless you with His help in this as He has already blessed you with talent!

        1. Pamela, I wrote you an email long ago, thanking you for your suggestion. I’m not sure you received it, though.

  8. Last page of “A New Witch in Town: Maybe Two.” Your line is “Handling her a newspaper.” I beleive you intended, “Handing her a newspaper.”

  9. Just a suggestion…

    Maybe put a link reminder for the Spot an Error website at the beginning of the book. I am one of those people that cannot reread a book, because I know what is going to happen and I end up just skimming through the whole thing. However, I always spot errors and wish there was a way to fix it or let someone know, so that they can fix it. If I had known about Spot an Error while I was reading, I would have kept track of any errors I came across so I could let you know.

    I do love the story and characters, but I agree with whoever it was that said something about a lack of back story or info on the important characters.

    Keep writing! I can’t wait until the next book is out!

    Good Luck!

    1. Thank you Katie. Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been very busy with a new project and some personal issues. I will put a Spot the Error link at the beginning of the books too 🙂

  10. you have two different names for the cat. Peterson and Stevenson. Confusing and very annoying. Some of the grammar is confusing at times as well. The story is good. Can’t wait for more. Hope you bring the cat back.

  11. Hi – I am loving the books and can’t wait for the next one.
    I found a spelling error “she couldn’t oblige anyone to marry her grand-grandson!” Which should be “great-grandson”.
    How long till the next book?

    1. Also – how did the cat get out of its basket and into the room, after visiting the vet, to scare them? Just a little puzzle…

  12. I enjoy the stories and I like the characters . However I feel you gloss over important points too quickly and don’t develop characters as much as I would like.

    I can not help but wonder why the queen is so pliable and obedient. Even the daughter is too pliable and obedient. Seems like the queen should want to know more about the prophesy and have many other questions. She questions the consequences but doesn’t seriously ask about them, demand answers or even make sure the path she is on is good for her daughter. People tell her to essentially shut up and do as she is told and she does. End of discussion.

    I also feel some scenes end too abruptly. In short I would like to see the story more filled out.

    As for the proofing issues, I won’ repeat what others have pointed out, but would add:

    1. Remember it is better to say “you and me” rather than me and you.
    2. Please pay closer attention to tenses.
    3. You almost always use the word “on” when “in” would be more appropriate.

    I really like the stories so please take my comments as an attempt to help.

    Good luck with your writing.

    1. Tristen, I really appreciate any comment, good or bad. Anything is useful to improve! Yes, I understand what you mean by the fact I didn’t develop the characters as much as I should. I suppose this is only a matter of my inability. But I’m studying a lot to improve!

      As for the grammar problems, I don’t understand when I used on instead of in or when I made mistakes with tenses. These issues are really important and make me very upset. I should say and make clear once and for all I’m not an English mother tongue. I did my best to write a good English and then I paid someone to correct the grammar and then an editor. For the first book I even had 2 editors, not to mention all the nice readers who took the time to send me emails and comments about corrections. I’m sorry there are still errors. Even though you bought the book a while back, your version should have updated automatically when you opened the book to show you the latest one. I’m really sorry. I worked very hard to make this dream come true and I’m so happy there are readers who appreciate the books even though can easily spot problems. If you liked the books DESPITE those problems, well, I feel I succeeded. But I’m doing my best to have the next books better written and checked. Thank you for taking the time to write 🙂

      1. Well, I have to withdraw the on/in issue as I can’t even find the two I think I specifically remember. One had something to do with being “on” a group but should have said “in” the group. The only example I could find was at loc 460 in the second book. Even there “on” isn’t really wrong, but it would be more in the vernacular to say “in her hair.” (Old standard would put the period outside of the quote mark, but new way puts it inside. I am old, so that one still bothers me a bit, which is doubtless way more than you want know.) Hunting for them made me realize how often we use the word on. Oh well, sorry for the confusion. Maybe the books updated since I read them. Or maybe I am crazier than I thought.

        As for the tenses, I would have read the whole book again as I don’t remember any specific words to search for. (Poor grammar, technically one should not end sentence with a preposition such as “for,” but we all do it so it never gets corrected anymore. I use to write articles and edit newsletters. I worked once for a state librarian, who had a PhD in grammar, so these things became firmly ingrained in my mind.)

        Good luck with your writing. I will buy the next installment. Sorry I am not more help. Keep writing, find a good editor and proofreader.

      2. Hi, I wondered as I read your three books if English was your primary language. Mainly because of your sentence structure. Now it makes sense. The books are awesome. I throughly enjoyed reading them. I read them all today back to back. Please write more. Let me know if you need additional beta readers. Keep up the great work. Thanks.

  13. Dani – I love your books! But wow there are alot of typos and wrongly used words! Its hard to believe you actually had anyone proofread it at all. I have heard of little glitches though when books transfer over from paper to Kindle, so maybe thats just what it is. During the scanning process, Kindle must have to “read” and “interpret” the words, so that leaves your book wide open for reading errors. I’ve seen it happen to other books too. Its something to look into with them. Two things I want to agree with other reviewers about: confused about the horses boxes, and confused about the end. And what the heck is up with the cat? Kim sees him as they walk into the castle, then she senses something is wrong, then next thing she knows, shes in the water & comes too in another life. Then she sees the cat in her bedrm & says she can’t get used to him – what?? You need to explain who the heck he is! There’s alot to explain in the next book. I’m very excited to read it!

    1. Trina, thank you for your message. Unfortunately, if you find errors and typos in an ebook, the fault is entirely due to the writer. Kindle doesn’t scan any paper document. Authors provide Amazon digital files which are converted into files suitable for Kindle. My books have been checked so many times that it’s really unbelievable there are still errors! 🙁 May I know how many little hearts you can see under the title, inside the book, the first page after the cover, in both books? That’s my way to see “my editions”. I would like to understand what version you own. If it’s the last one I have a big problem!! Thank you <3

  14. An old message on MAY 25, 2015 AT 9:48 PM from someone called Marcie “There was a paragraph that was whites out” she didn’t say where it was, it is in loc 665 & 674. I’ve read a few kindle books that has some of the text highlighted white for sometime reason, must be a mistake made while making the book into kindle format. Also I have found in loc 708 “slightest clue about how to change the destiny of the word,” I’m guessing that you meant world instead of word. And this book seems a bit strange, that dream thing that happened to Kim and Aurora seems to act/speak strangely for a 4yr old. It also ends strange What about the coronation? Did they solve the problem with the antenna? And when Kim appeared out of nowhere “loc 1612” and Isidora said to Mrs Chassey you won you always win eh? what? What does that mean what’s Mrs Chassey meant to of done?

    1. Paul, thank for your message. I still have to understand about the “white paragraph”. I suppose it is a problem which comes out with newer versions of Kindle because not all the readers found it, but I will contact Amazon about it. Now thanks to you I know the location.
      As for the “dream”, I read many readers didn’t understand what was going on. My fault 🙁 I’m thinking about making some changes to book 2, but I can assure you that everything will be cleared in book 3 which will also explain Mrs Chassey/Isidora’s secrets 🙂

  15. this comment will refer to the second book…
    at location 180… add a word? …anyone TO start…
    at location 253… add a word? …after A few…
    at location 399… change a word? …HAS should be HAVE…
    at location 474… add a word? …for A few…
    at location 527… remove a word? …after XXX opening…
    at location 541… change a word? …FLIED should be FLEW…
    at location 619… add a word? …in A few…
    at location 573… there’s a whole section of glaring “whiteout” with an unaffected italic word in the middle. this is in Kindle blackscreen (my preferred reading format)…
    at location 1004.. change a word? …FRIENDSHIP might better be FRIENDS…
    at location 1027.. add a word? …like TO call…
    at location 1473.. revisit “I feel SO AND SO strange…
    at or near location 1490.. revisit “She went to the huge walk-in closet to TAKE HER HOME OUTFIT.”

    THANKS AGAIN FOR THE OPPORTUNITY. All locations are in ‘KINDLE FOR WIN8.1’, as were those in my previous comments for “new witch or two”. At least one of your new editors could have taken a tip from my high school English teacher. He recommended reading aloud to catch simple mistakes.

    1. Art, thanks to you for the opportunity to improve my book 🙂
      I’ve just gone again through book #1 with a new editor. Now I will start again working on the second and will check it taking into account your comments. I don’t quite understand the “whiteout” issue. Another reader told me about it but I cannot see it on my Kindle, nor on the Kindle Cloud reader or on the Kindle for PC. After checking the rest I will contact the Amazon support. Maybe they will understand it 🙂
      Thank you again for taking the time to write the problems down and report them 🙂

  16. With horses they stay in outside pens or lot pens. Horses inside stay in stalls. My guess is you are not familiar with them. No boxes please. Bridles are used when a horse is tacked up. (Ready to ride) Halters to lead them out of their pens or stalls. Love your stories though. Let me know if need vet terminology also. Country girl thru and thru.

    1. Kim, thanks a lot. I will check again the second book and will correct it accordingly. You are right, I’m not familiar with horses and stalls. May I consider you as my “vet” expert? 🙂 May I write to you if I need a hand? Thanks!

  17. This sentence in book 2 is confusing

    But I cannot show you as my community and I now know you to all the other communities

    1. Yes, it is! you are right 🙁
      I don’t know what happened here. I’ll check and correct it. Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

      1. Deb is correct about that… I read “But I can not show you as my community, and I now know you to all the other communities.” First time I hit it.. but “But I can not show you, as my community and I now know you, to all the other communities.” is what you were probably thinking. I haven’t spotted the other errors mentioned in book 2 (just started to read). Also, writing some myself, I’ve found that even having read it through five or more times, I still find errors. Not sure if it’s me (most likely) or my word processing software (also possible, since a save on it, doesn’t replace the file I’m reading, editing or adding to, until I close down the word processor. A comp crash/power failure will delete all fixes which I can’t find in the back up file which the word processor gives me.
        The first book I read and didn’t notice any errors. Both on Kindle for PC, and both bought from Amazon this week. 4 hearts over copyright.

        1. Alan, I don’t really know what happened to that sentence! 🙁
          What I meant was “I cannot show you to all the other communities the way my community and I know you now.” Meaning that after a while they started to know her and like her the way she was and they couldn’t show Kim’s simple way of being to others in a short time.
          Does it make more sense? I’ll have to change it again. Sorry for it and thanks for pointing again to the problem! <3

  18. Chapter 22
    You are describing the third witch ( healer) you refer to her as oriental. The proper word is Asian. Oriental is use to describe things not people. It’s offensive.

    1. Dulce, thank you for your comment. The book has just been checked by a new editor and she noted this error too. I’m waiting for her to reply to some more questions I asked her and I will upload the re-edited version. I really appreciate your taking the time to let me know 🙂

  19. There was a paragraph that was whites out I don’t know if it was an error on your part or mine but that was the only error. But then it continued to read as normal so it didn’t interrupt the story line.

    1. Marcie, thanks for your comment but I don’t understand what you mean. Can you please let me know where this error occurred? Thank you 🙂

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