Happy Projects

There are things I used to do but I was forced to stop due to a long lasting “financial embarrassment”. When the situation will improve, I might be able thanks to the sale of my books, to follow some projects I really care about.

First is a donation to this association: the first time I saw their ad at the television (the one below – yes, I know, it’s in Italian), I couldn’t help bursting into tears. I planned to make a “one-spot” donation but I would love to be able to do recurring donations.

Then, I would like to start a sponsorship of a child. I sponsored a girl in India, years ago. Then she grow up, moved and the association lost contact with her. I would really like to start many sponsorships, but for 2015, I want to start at least one.

Then some donations to associations who help animals, especially abused animals. I still have to look for the right association. And also something about the environment.

There are so many things to do, to care about! 🙁

I will keep you informed. I really hope my books will help me to follow those projects.

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  1. Enjoyed reading Book 1 and looking forward to reading future books. The characters are interesting and I am having fun learning more about the community of Springsville. The updated cover and web banner remind me of Debora Geary’s series called “A Modern Witch,” which has reached an end. Keep writing your stories…looking forward to reading more from you in the future. Warm wishes, Lorre Elle

  2. Hi,
    I read both books in one day I was looking for your third book since it stated the release was this past June. Yet there is no listing of this book at all anywhere, what happen? As for your Donations, I understand the need to help out, I to have sent donations to a orphanage in Uganda that is building a new home, school, farm, and water well for these children others wise would starve. The progress is amazing, we also send money for books, computers, materials for making bricks for the school, solar panels for electricity. The only thing I wish I could do is a area like we use here in the States; tables and chairs for outside, with grass, and a play ground. They have already built a fence to keep the people out who tried to steal their only cow, have gotten donations for people to buy goats for the families, paid for a truck to deliver water until the well is finished. There in need of seed for their little farm for food, I am so happy have been of little assistance in have helping all this happen. As for the Clift mouth children I keep an eye on the organization run by Zachary Levi called the Smile, he his doing tremendous work there with his donations and finding others to help as well. You do great work on your stories and a am eagerly waiting for you ‘Please Help me’!next book. I am so in awe of you I have been trying to finish my own books but I am not focus enough to get back to them, but I know I will when I am ready. Take heart and let us hear from you soon.
    Alicia Hart

    1. Alicia, thank you for the message. I’m excited thinking on how many things you contributed to create in Uganda! That’s a very nice thing! I checked the organization related to Zachary Levi, and guess what? It’s the same I wrote about. He is a very generous contributors http://ww2.operationsmile.org/about_us/our-supporters/smile-ambassadors/zachary-levi.html
      Are you a writer? That’s great! focusing is not always easy. Write me at my address, if you want to talk about it Dani.Corlee @ gmail.com (without spaces)
      As for the 3rd book, you are right. I was supposed to publish within June, now I wonder if I’ll be able to publish it within July but I’ll do my best.

  3. I have just started reading Book 1 and am already hooked!!! I am an avid reader and particularly enjoy series books. I’m not very good on grammar and editing, so couldn’t help in those areas like most of the people writing in. I get to involved in the story to pay attention. I would still like to be notified when new books come out, if possible. Thanks!! And thanks for writing down what comes in your imagination and letting us all enjoy that with you!!

    1. Dawn, what a beautiful name 🙂
      I’m so glad you liked the book! And thank you for your nice words. You are very sweet 🙂

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