Typos: a Trick of the Mind

Some time ago a friend sent me the following image by email. Have you ever seen it or something similar? Can you read it? Pretty impressive!
What’s the point, you might ask? The point is, no matter how many times you check your book. You might skip the same typos over and over again.
Yesterday I went back to “As Shiny as a Comet” because some people complained about the contracted words in the medieval dialogs and I decided to fill those words with the proper vowels. Last time I read it, it was well before a month ago, therefore, as I started reading it with a “fresh mind, I was overwhelmed by the many typos I found. The editor I hired was mainly meant to check the old language, I couldn’t afford to have two professionals working on the book. I cannot believe how many words I mistyped! I’ve checked and corrected them all. At least I thought. Then started again and… guess what?
I found others 🙁
Things like the instead of them, or instead of on, but also it’s instead of its and worse… 🙁 Little things which nevertheless can change the meaning of a sentence or making the reading a stressful experience.
So what?
I formatted the new version. I contacted Amazon and told them to notify readers who purchased it already that there’s a new, improved version available for download or to activate their ability to update the content through the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page on the site. They notify of changes sometimes only, so the second option is more likely to occur. If you have already bought it, please, wait for a little and hopefully, you will be able to get the new version one way or the other. If you haven’t bought it, the new version is already available. The new version has two ♥ on the title page under my name.
Do you have any nice anecdote about mixed letters? Anything to share? 🙂